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Mobile dancefloors from VGM are made of high quality wood. They are robust, precisely fitting, slip-proof and very easy to set up. In the true sense of the word, they are the foundation for every good event either to protect or transform your original floor. The single mobile dancefloors have the standard seize 95 x 95 cm and are available for indoor use, made of 2 different qualities of wood and for outdoor use, made of waterproof screen printing plate. You can arrange various forms very quick and easy and transform the original floor to a nice looking, practical and stable dancefloor. With mobile dancefloors, you increase the profitability and utilization of your facilities. Do you already know our eventfloor-outdoor? This type of floor was specially produced for the needs of an outdoor area. With the water- and slip proof screen printing plates you can transform your outdoor area very quick and easily in a nice looking, walkable area for weddings, perfomances or special events and occasions. Specially hotels, restaurants and cafes would like to present their customers in the summertime an additional sales area, but sometimes the original ground is unsuitable. The mobile eventfloor-outdoor is the most flexible, economic and practical solution for your problems. Just give us a call or write an e-mail. We will advise you or make you an nonbinding offer.

Mobile Dancefloors

The advantages of mobile dancefloors are:

1. Extreme stability and high load capacity
2. Quick and easy handling and a safe assembling
3. High precisely fitting, because of the patented system
4. Slip proof, because of feltstrips
5. Various forms possible
5. Absolutely safe edge protecting
6. No surface irregularities
7. Edge profiles in gold or aluminium eloxed
8. Different floor types by choice
9. Transport trolley for up to 25 dance floor elements and edge profiles
10. No extra tools needed

Assembling instruction

Only 3 steps to a perfect dancefloor

Mobile dancefloor set up

Step 1

Place the single dancefloor elements all over the complete area. The single elements have a standard seize from 95 x 95 cm and only weigh 18,5 kg. The massive wood floors have a thickness of 27mm and a light metal profile frame, which guarantee a enormous stability, capacity and edge protection. Underneath every dancefloor elements are special felt strips sticked, to protect the original floor and optimize the grip.

Mobile dancefloor set up

Step 2

Lock the single dancefloor elements step by step with the delivered nut driver. For this you don’t need any power, only a half rotation is necessary.

Mobile dancefloor set up

Step 3

To finish the assembling, you only have to fit the edge profiles with the nut driver and lock it also with a half rotation. The bevel edge looks good and is slip proof, this increase the safety of the dancefloor. The edge profiles are available in gold amd aluminium eloxed.

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