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You need a stage platform for your event? You want to organize a fashion show and need a runway? You need a grand stand, a multistep structure for musicians or singers or just raise your stand at a fair? You are planning to extend your existing stage with special mesures and forms like triangles, trapeze and curves?

Stage platforms and podiums from VGM give you all the opportunities for a professional apperance.

Our enormous range of stage platforms and stage accessories offers you for every event and ocassion the right product. For many years the brand VGM stands for high quality mobile stage platforms and stage podiums. We have various types of stage platforms and also complete mobile stage systems on sale. By request, we assemble your a complete stage with railings, stairs, curtains etc. according to your wishes and ideas. All products from VGM are well known for their high TÜV proofed quality „Made in Germany“ with three years warranty, a simple handling and multiple possible applications. We have two different platform systems on sale. Look for what you prefer and discover the various possibilities to set up a stage, with the enormous range of accessories that are available. Either plug-in legged platforms, scissor platforms or foldable plattforms. With stage platforms from VGM you are always on target.

All advantages and specifics of our stage platforms at one look

  • All products from VGM are TÜV proofed and have a 3 years warranty
  • New innovative platforms like the VGM Praktikus, VGM Optimus or VGM Terra Mobilia
  • By request, all platforms can be powder-coated in different colors
  • Special measures and forms like triangles, trapezes and curves are possible by request
  • Complete fitted platform systems with railing, stairs and facings and much more available
  • Two different platform systems in offer, with or without a mounting
  • Extensive accessories and spare parts always avalaible in store
  • Many different transport systems available, by request individual customizable
  • Stage platforms are suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Standard heights from 20 – 160cm, special measures available by request
  • Platform floors available with many different surfaces and versions
  • All platforms systems are compatible with each other

Stage Platforms

with a fixing system on the stage border

Bühnenpodest VGM Praktikus

VGM Parktikus

Plug-in leg platform

Robust and stable plug-in leg platform with a load capacity of 750 kg/m². Simple handling and low priced.

Size: 200 x 100cm
Weight(Frame): 39kg
Load capacity: max 750kg/m
Pile height: 9cm

Bühnenpodest VGM Praktikus Light

VGM Praktikus Light

Plug-in leg platform

Our lightest plug-in leg platform, but equally stable like the other stages. Only 34kg incl. stagefloor.

Size: 200 x 100cm
Weight(incl. stage-floor): 34kg
Load capacity: max 750kg/m
Pile height: 9cm

Bühnenpodest VGM Unistage

VGM Unistage

Scissor platform

Leight and height adjustable scissor platform with a load capacity of 750kg/m².

Size: 200 x 100cm
Weight(Frame): 48kg
Load capacity: max 750kg/m
Pile height: 20cm

Bühnenpodest VGM Speedi

VGM Speedi

Mobile fold-out platform

Mobile and space-saving fold-out platform stage with easy handling built up by only one person.

Size: 250 x 125cm
Weight: 47kg
Load capacity: max 750kg/m

Bühnenpodest VGM Optimus

VGM Optimus

Fold-out platform

Fully adequate, compact and stable fold-out platform stage, fits almost in every trunk.

Size: 140 x 70cm
Weight(Frame): 15kg
Load capacity: max 750kg/m
Pile height: 4cm

Bühnenpodest VGM Ideal

VGM Ideal

Fold-out platform

Fold-out platform stage with two different height adjustments, one hand operation and load capacity of 750 kg/m².

Size: 200 x 100cm
Weight(Frame): 34kg
Load capacity: max 750kg/m
Pile height: 9cm

Stage Platforms

with a smooth surface on the stage border

Bühnenpodest VGM Standard

VGM Standard

Plug-in leg platform

Very robust plug-in leg platform with a load capacity of 750 kg/m². Flexible and unlimited extendable.

Size: 200 x 100cm
Weight(Frame): 29kg
Load capacity: max 750kg/m
Pile height: 9cm

Bühnenpodest VGM 800

VGM 800

Scissor platform

Height-adjustable scissor platform with a distibuted load capacity of 750 kg/m² up to a height of 80cm.

Size: 200 x 100cm
Weight(Frame): 44kg
Load capacity: max 750kg/m
Pile height: 10cm

Bühnenpodest VGM 1000

VGM 1000

Scissor platform

Height-adjustable scissor platform with a distibuted load capacity of 750 kg/m² up to a height of 100cm.

Size: 200 x 100cm
Weight(Frame): 50kg
Load capacity: max 750kg/m
Pile height: 17cm

VGM Terra Mobilia

The mobile outdoor terrace

Bühnenpodest VGM Terra Mobilia

VGM Terra Mobilia

A nice outdoor area is just in the summertime for many restaurateurs very important to increase their sales. Especially in downtown locations it is always a big challenge to prepare a nice and temporary terrace area. Over are the days with crooked levels and shaking tables and seats, just put on the plug-in legs at the requested height, turn it over and the new terrace is ready for use. With the delivered quick connectors the single modules are safe and without irregularities connected. The surface consist of robust larch floorboards and will be delivered untreated. The floorboards can be painted afterwards, so that they will be fitted to the surroundings. With the extensive accessories like railing and stairs and a enormous choice of different plug-in legs the mobile terrace is almost on every surface usable.

Size: 200 x 100cm
Weight: 40kg
Load capacity: max 750kg/m
Pile height: 10cm

Stage Equipment

Podestzubehör - Steckfüsse und Teleskopfüsse
Plug-in Legs

Plug-in legs from 20 – 140cm, different scopes, height adjustable, telescopic legs from 20 – 140cm, by request individual heights available

Podestzubehör - Transportwagen und Transportkisten für Podeste und Geländer

Trolleys for platform stages, trolley for railings, rollable transport boxes for accessories, by request customized

Podestzubehör - Aufgangstreppen für Komplettbühnen

Stairway stairs with two different widths , from 20 – 140cm platform height, flexible stairs

Podestzubehör - Geländer für Komplettbühnen und Treppen

Various safety railings for platforms stages, railings for stairway stairs with different heights and lenghts available

Podestzubehör - Podestoberflächen aus Holz für innen und außen geeignet
Platform Surfaces

Various surfaces made of wood for internal or external use available, choose your colour or material

Podestzubehör - Verbinder und Klammern für Podeste, Füsse und Komplettbühnen
Connectors and Brackets

Quick connectors either short or long type , external and internal stage leg brackets, coupling brackets, frame connectors

Podestzubehör - Verblendungen aus Stoff oder Holz für Podeste und Treppen
Platform Facings

Curtains available in different colours with velco or facings made of wood with sliding threads and sleeve nuts for platforms and stairs.

Podestzubehör - Transportrollensätze, Leisten und Ersatzteile

Transport steerings and castors, plastic strips, push-in rails, protective cappings, spare parts, nut drivers

Stage Equipment - Gallery


Complete Platformsystems


Complete platform stages from VGM are available in all imaginable sizes and forms. It dosn’t matter, if you choose a plug-in leg platform, a scissor platform or a fold out stage, for every podium we have the matching railings, stairs, facings and connectors. Even special forms with curves or trapezes are no problem, because every platform can be produced custom made. You are not so sure, which stage height you need? Than for example you can choose the telescopic legs. You want to be flexible all the time? Than is a scissor platform possibly the right decision. You want to set up the stage most time in the outdoor area, than the best thing is, you take a platform floor with a waterproof screen printing plate. You have to assemble and dismantle the stage very often? Thani t would be advantage you take a trolley for transport and storage. There are a lot of possibilities and variations, it depends for what need the stage is. So give us a call or write an email, we give you advise and arange your dream stage


In the pictures above, you can see a 48sqm complete platform stage and next to it a 9sqm podium stage with a height of 40cm, all made with VGM Praktikus stage platforms. The big stage has height adjustable telscopic legs and can be assembled with a height from 60 - 100cm. On the sides there are security railings with vertical supports. To enter the stage you can use either one of the the 2 stairways or like in this case with a additional disabled friendly loading ramp, also build with VGM Praktikus stage platforms.

Set up examples

from plug-in platforms and scissor platforms

Complete stage made with VGM Praktikus-Plug-in platforms.

Complete stage made with VGM Unistage-Scissor platfroms.

Podium for a chor made with VGM Praktikus-Plug-in platfroms.

Podium for musicians made with VGM Unistage-Scissor platfroms.

Roundstage made with VGM Praktikus-Plug-in platfroms

Runway made with VGM Unistage-Scissor platfroms

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