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AL Stage R60 - Arched Roof Mobile Stage

The complete electrohydraulic AL Stage R60 is our favourite mobile stage with an arched roof for middle size and big events. The already integrated electrohydraulic floor- and roof lift will be oprated by a remote control and makes the set-up very comfortable and fast. You can prepare lavish audio and sound installations up to 800kg into the roof construction in face value and lift up the complete roof afterwards to it's final endheight. The AL Stage is developed and built up to the latest EU guidelines (DIN EN-13814), German TÜV proofed and if necessary, you can get a complete "Baubuch" for public use.

Stagesize: 60sqm
Stage (Length x Width x Height): 10,00m x 6,00m x 6,10m or 7m
Trailer (Length x Width x Height): 11,90 m x 2,46m x 3,60m
Platform height: 1,20m - 1,50m
Clearance (Floor-Roof): 4,35m or 5,25m
Admissible total weight: 3,5t
Load capacity floor: 350kg/sqm
Load capacity roof (distributed): 1600kg
Material floor: Screen printing plate (waterproof)
Material roof: PVC - Canopy (EN 13773-c1)
Maximum Wind speed: 17,8m/s with scrim und 30m/s without scrim
Assembling time(2 People): approx. 90min

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